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Tianfei Tianfei High-Tech Valve Co., Ltd. one specializing in electronic valve , Pneumatic valve new high-tech enterprise day, original unit , as Tianjin valve trade, make determined efforts to make the country prosperous , has become the North and even national intellectual valve and researched and developed the important base produced. Tianfei products are complete, CWX series (torque from 1.0-10NM ) series of CTF (torsion 20NM-150NM ) series of CTB (torque from 50Nm -2000Nm) of carrying out device of the electronic valve, use in extensive range, subminiature CWX-10,CWX-20,CWX-60,CWX-100) electronic valve become with high dependability their intelligence measure first-selected auxiliary products of trade, already several dozen universities, enterprise use the intelligen ce instrument. CTF-002,CFT-005,CTF-010,CTF-015 electronic valve introduces the technological production of Taiwan, the cost performance is excellent, is that a water treatment trade, environmental protection trade are automatically controlled and optimum, CTB series can realize the variable is regulated , exhibit one's skill on the automatic controlled field. Air operated valve introduce Italy technology, performance is reliable , cheap, only 1/6 of the similar imported products, it is the ideal products substituting the import.

Our company抯 motto is 揑nnovative, Simplified, High-valued? As having accumulated rich experiences and resources during more than 5 years developing, we are confident inproviding you satisfied products and service in the cooperation. To cooperate and work together with TIANFEI will prove to be your correct and smart choice.

Tianfei pays attention to the quality of the products, use " Tianfei " the valve is your correct choice.


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