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Electric valve into the mainstream market, three factors essential

     The industry said, valves in industrial processes category are mostly used to control the road and a variety of fluid flow, such as water, oil, chemical liquids, etc., is based on the parameters temperature, pressure and flow. And plant control valves are commonly used in pressure relief valve, temperature pneumatic valves, solenoid valve temperature systems, proportional temperature control valve system, temperature control valves and other types. Automatic valve in the selection of all types should take into account the type of heat engine, the requirements of precision, quality control valves, pressure drop, flow and structure, the failure rate, credit and service manufacturers and other factors in order to achieve the purpose of economical and practical.
     On the product itself, due to electric valve assembly with easy, low failure rate, as well as meet the needs of the industry the benefits of automation is the industry more cost-effective choice. Because the use of conventional pneumatic valve, will inevitably have piping, solenoid valve and the compressor can be matched and so on, while the electric valve is a motor-driven, easy to install easy, and the electric valve is installed with the original factory lines can be controlled, can be saved other costs. In addition, motor-driven way to open and close more smoothly, without momentum moment of the shortcomings of too large, the failure rate can be greatly reduced.
     Many people think that your electric valves, the use of high cost, this is not the case, if the overall calculation, traditional valves and accessories to add a number of pipeline installation, the price has not been dominant, but have to bear the maintenance costs more.

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