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End Connection




a) Threaded-end multi-turn valves, check valves and ball valves with ANSI female taper threads are most commonly used with pipe up to 2 1/2” or 3”.

b) Solder-end valves permit directly connecting bronze multi-turn valves, check valves and ball valves up to 3” to copper tubing. Care must be taken not to overheat and damage valves during the soldering process.

c) Flanged-end connections are the most common used design for installation of iron multi-turn valves 2” and larger.

d) Wafer and lug body styles are used with butterfly valves and lift/double-door check valves for quick, easy installation between two flanges.

e) Grooved end ball, butterfly and check valves permit the quickest installation sizes 2” and larger.


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